CMS Without Compromise

A content management system (CMS) gives you the control you need over your website via a straightforward, logical user interface. With a CMS you can focus on delivering up-to-date, relevant information on your  website without relying on a third-party agency or having to learn new web design skills yourself.

A bespoke CMS from The Dog House Solution will give you exactly the functionality you need. Too many companies go for off-the-shelf or open-source CMS environments all of which involve compromise: they may seem to offer all sorts of bells and whistles but if they can’t deliver the content you want in the way you want then they’re not the CMS you want either.

And we do the bells and whistles too. You may want a blog on your site, a forum, perhaps an e-commerce platform or some social media integration. Your CMS can and must deliver exactly the functionality you need, and the only way to be sure of that is to have one designed for you.

 We are delighted by your professional approach and your total dedication. The support you bring us is fantastic. 
- Ross Norman CEO @ Metals Daily Ltd