EU Cookie Law Bit

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To be honest, we doubt you'll read this...

It's a silly rule, and not a very good law, but there you go...

We don't do anything to your computer; we track the clicks on the website using Google Analytics like about 80% of all websites out there, but that's all.

We add this type of message to many of our clients' websites (all those in the EU, but that won't be us soon!), and we install Google Anayltics to help our clients work out how to improve their global reach, it's not rocket science, and we're not planning on taking over the world using cookies - we have an evil lair and some super computers to do that for us, while we're all out having doughnuts, we are fully-automated.

Just because we use cookies, does not mean that we know who you are, or what you want, but we'd love to hear from you, so please do get in touch :-)

 Fast, professional and reliable - I was extremely impressed with the skill and attention to detail The Dog House Solution Ltd dedicated to my site. I could not recommend them more highly." 
- Kevin Smith

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